Pacemaker settings.

Was wondering my low number is set to 60 and then there are other numbers 

ams base rate is 80 bpm

Max sensor rate 130 bpm


Mode DDD

Base rate 60 bpm

Max track rate 130bpm

Paced av delay >150ms

Sensed av delay >130ms

what do all these numbers mean?




Mode settings

by AgentX86 - 2018-08-15 22:16:40

I don't know what they all mean but I can shed some light perhaps.  Standard disclaimers apply (This is just my understanding. I am not a doctor, etc. etc. etc.).

AMS == Automatic Mode Switching: If this is a two (or three) lead pacemaker, I belive this is a setting that switches from AAI to DDD mode.  I don't know all the details (I have n atrial lead so DDD mode isn't my primary concern).

Max Sensor Rate: The highest atrial rate that will be transmitted to the ventricals

Mode DDD: The pacemaker mode is Dual pace (both Atrium and Ventricle), Dual Sense (both A and V), and dual response (Inhibit and Triggered).  The other alternatives are in BOLD.

Base Rate: Minimum pacing rate

Max track rate 130bpm: The maximum rate that the ventricals will track the atria.  This is used to keep Afib from causing V-Tach (then degenerating into V-Fib, and death).

Paced av delay: This is the delay of the ventrical pacer from the atrial pacing pulse, when the PM is doing the pacing (couldn't find a P-wave).

Sensed av delay: This is the ventrical pacing delay when a P-wave has been detected by the atrial lead.

If you're really interested in pacemaker operation, a web search will dig up a lot of information.  Most pretty good (from the manufacturers).


by YiaYia - 2018-08-30 21:37:53

I bought the book Pacemaker’s Made Easy by Carl Robinson & it explains in layman’s terms 

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