noise in upper chamber

hi all. i had a remote interrogation which detected a couple episodes of "noise" in the,upper chamber but no arrythmias. they said it might have something to do with lead. pacing was greater than 99%. everything looked fine but they would watch it. instead of waiting for 3 month interrogation i asked for another in 1 month. comments please. thanks. i had crt- procedure in 2014. 


AHa! The old...

by donr - 2018-08-19 10:07:49

...noise in the upper chamber gimick, eh!  \

Not surprising.  There's a radio link between you & the Cardio's  offikce.  "Noise" is anything you don't  want to see or hear,  To someone listening for  intergalactic readio signals, the greatest symphony becomes "Noise." 

They probably saw signals that obviously were NOT from the heart , so called them noise.  You were wise to ask for a quicker interrogation. 



by capecod - 2018-08-20 23:40:42

thanks don. i always enjoy reading your humor. but.....what might this noise really be indicative of?  lead problem?  after only 4 years??  thanks


by Rodlyn - 2018-09-04 14:44:06

I’m dealing with that now.  I have a lead in the Atria and one in the ventricle.   I’m pacing 98% in the Atria.  They hear ‘noise’ in that lead.   Now I’m  noticing uncomfortable pacing in the ventricle.

The Medtronic rep said the noise was the atrial lead ‘not pacing’ due to not recognizing the signal to pace.   As a result the ventricular pacing.   I’m in process of getting this sorted out.

Make sure you report any I’ll effects to Dr right away.   


by capecod - 2018-09-05 12:38:28

...for that imformation. im confused..if you are pacing 98% in atrium, how can the atriallead not recognize the signal to pace?  hope you figure it out. i have another interrogation soon but meanwhile my electrophysiologist said they can adjust behavior of lead.......very confusing. good luck. 

Growling noise

by Momma - 2018-09-18 17:39:42

A month ago, while reclining I kept hearing "growling" when I exhaled. I captured the sound on my smartphone and let my doctors hear it. One doctor said that occasionally air can get trapped in you PM pocket and make noises. My cardiologist NP and I agreed it was my lung making the growl as I have had a "lovely" bout with Bronchitis most of August and still coughing. 

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