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Thanks to all have responded to my question about getting the monitoring info on my computer at home. I read more and learned that there is an app you can use but also learned after speaking with the company that my pacemaker the Assurity dual chamber is not compatible with the app.

so, there you have it

Thank again and happy pacing to you all

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Merlin & App

by Going Forward - 2018-08-27 17:46:25

Thanks Energizer--I got the Assurity dual chamber too so that answers it for me as well. I think it is Abbott's latest one so maybe there will be a App in the future. 

How are you liking yours so far? Do you have the "PAC" over-ride function turned on? Mine is set for 60 - 130 and yesterday I wore my Polar chest strap monitor for a brisk walk and was totall delighted to see my HR responding appropriately to excercise--and no shortness of breath! This was like magic for me. I did find an article online from St Jude saying that there should not be any interference between a St Jude PM and a Polar chest strap monitor, and I'd assume that would apply to other chest strap monitors too. 

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