Medtronic at night

The directions say to leave the device plugged in near your bed.  I do not like the light that it emits and don't want to cover it. I was told that the device could then receive automatic updates.  Why not just plug it in once a month or so?  My device is only a manual send and does not take automatic measurements.  Why then does it need to be on all the time in the bedroom?  

Today was my first at home send.  The device recorded the information.  An electonic signal was discovered but it would not send the information.  A new unit is being sent out.  Any ideas why it would not send?  (The green bar would not move.)


Initial set up

by PacedNRunning - 2018-09-10 16:39:45

I think you have to do an initial set up when you first set it up. Maybe that? I have Boston and the light is barely noticeable. It says it has to be within 10 feet of your bed or wherever you spend a good chunk of time. 

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