Will Automatic vacuum intervene with pacemaker?

I wanted to get an automatic vacuum, the one that cleans the floor it’s self and when it is low on battery it automaticity goes to its base (that is plugged in before) to recharge.


Will the Automatic vacuum intervene with a pacemaker?


No worries

by AgentX86 - 2018-09-02 10:08:20

It's way too far from you and way too small to cause any problems.



by Tracey_E - 2018-09-02 11:22:59

You should probably send it to my house. I'll take it off your hands  and let you know if it causes problems :oP 

In order for something to cause problems, it has to be both a very strong magnet and less than 6" from our device. There is virtually nothing in the home that will cause problems. 


by Selwyn - 2018-09-02 13:11:48

Had one for years- perfectly safe for PMs.

Don't put it within a few inches of your PM though. 

Robovacs are NOT vacuum cleaners, more a sweeper. 

Quite fancy the floor washer!

Only problem we've had with the Robovac was the automatic timer kicked in when we were stopping out late one night and triggered the burgular alarm!


Ha!!!! You Betcha!

by donr - 2018-09-05 01:13:42

Consider the following sequence of probable events:  You spend the evening down at "Paddy's Irish Pub" tossing back a few.  Finally (Nay, Mercifully) you survive "Last call," hike up your britches"and stagger fitfully toward the front door.  After taking a random walk home that would make any statistician proud, watering a few lamp posts, singing a tuneles chorus or two of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean", howling in chorus with a lovesick Basset Hound, you wind up on your own front porch.  Unfortunately, a wave machine hidden under the steps makes mounting them a near-impossible task while vertical, so you crawl up them on your belly while the Kaiser's machine-gunners spray a deadly rain over your head. Your challenge of getting safely a-bed is not yet ended - you didn't realize that the keyhole was capable of laughing outloud as it gyrates randomly in the door, leapig side to side while yu take careful aim through your bloodshot eyes. Finally you grab it in a stranglehold , thrust the key into it and turn it vigorously to open. 

A lightning like thought flashes throuh your well hung over brain - Matilda, your long-suffering spouse, is awaiting you upstairs with a 12" cast iron skillet heated beyond the temperaturtes inhabiting the 6th furnace of Heck.  She is ready to give her semon om the evils of hard likker and the fruits of the brewer's trade, punctuated by  frequent ringing of yur bells with her superheated skillet.  Discretiion being the better part of cowardice, you remove your shoes (so's not to make noise as you mount the 13 stairs to the second floor. ) Whoops!~  waitaminit - better get rid of that beer -soaked shirt.  No sense to drawing attention to the swim you took in the brewer's vat in the micro-brewery.  Justifiably proud of your great accomplishments, you straighten out your shoulders, enter the door and promptly trip on the area rug just inside the door.  Arms akimbo, legs flailing wildly, you go Gluteous Maximus over teakettle across the floor, dancing all the way like a dervish, till you crack your head on a coffee table strewn with a stack of "National Geographics."  By now you are listenig to a serenade of a bunch of wild birdies as they swirl in a wild circle around your head.  There you lay, peacefully snoring away, spread-eagled on your back, Geographics piled all around you. 

Entering this idyllic scene comes the family pet RoboVac recently left its dock, searching out bits and pieces of flotsam & Jetsam scattered about on the carpet to satiate its nightly desire for nourishment.  Alas, tonight there is a very large, comatose, body spread out in its path around the room.  Not to be done out of its nightly repast, it bumps into a rib, stops, bacxks up & tries again.  After many fruit less tries, it stumbles upon a pathway of Geographics leading precariously up to a leg.  It staggers blindly up the leg, over a knee & onto a bald belly of soft, squishy, ugly belly fat.  Being a veteran of the "Freaking Fusiliers," and of that race of "Hairy-chested men," you still wear a rug of stiff, curly hair on your chest.  Plowing its inexorable way up your bod, RoboVac's stiff brushers encounter the hairy turf, get tangled up in it and the motor struggles to keep all functiioning.  Next its wheels & axles get involved,  as the hair literally gets all "wrapped around the axle"!.    By now, the body of the beast sits astride your recently implanted PM.  But, ALAS!  the DC motor, powered by a rechargeable battery has gone into stall, armature jammed by the snaggle engulfing the axles & normally vibrating brushers..  The current goes ape-snot wild as the motor is running at a dead-short off its battery.  The heat builds.  It builds some more.  And more yet!  Till the hair starts smoldering benath the belly of the RoboVac.  OH, I have NOT forgotten the PM, all snuggled all comfy in your chest.  Oblivious to al the commotion, it has been cheerfully pacing away - until the curret reaches a level causing strong, wildly pulsing magnetic fields, which cause the PM's test switch to start opening and closing.  The mixed bag of rhythms put out by the PM causes your heart to do a Rhumba inside your chest - or is it a samba?  It definitely is NOT a WALTZ.  Unless it is the "Rock and Roll Waltz." While all this iws ging on, the hair finally burns enough to do two things: 1) activate the smoke detector, which calls the local FD, while screaming at the top of its little lungs, Awakening your semi-sleeping better half, skillet at the ready.  2) Freeing the brushes and wheels so the Robo Vac can perform a strategic, very hasty withdrawal to the safety of its dock.

Apparently your angry wife arrived first on the scene, because the local first responders came smashing through the front door, axes flailing, hoses spraying leaving a water-sodden door smashed into toothpicks.  There they were,  greeted by  a now water logged, sputtering wife, whacking the crap out of you with a skillet sizzling with steam, causing an eye-watering cloud of fog. 

They say you will be out of the ICU in a week or so.  The local Gendarmes and FD leader are anxiously awaiting your explanation of  all that transpired that night.  Did the RoboVac affect ypur PM?  Only your cardio will know, once they let him near you  to download your PM. 


not just magnets

by dwelch - 2018-09-11 01:53:50

it needs to have a strong field magnet or a magnetic field.  Those battery powered things, no worries and if it were even possible to generate a field like that you would have to hug it and put it right over the pacer.

No your toaster, fridge, coffee maker, computer, alarm clock, toothbrush, hair dryer, electric razor, tv remote control, TV, phone, washing machine, dryer, microwave, watch, smart watch, wall clock, kitchen timer, vaccum cleaner, car, garage door opener, and pretty much everything else will not affect your pacemaker.

Now the one thing you cannot do is climb the telephone pole and hug the transformer, assuming you dont get electrocuted doing that the field from the transformer "might" be strong enough to confuse the pacer, you "might" pass out, and wake up just as you are hitting the ground.  A transformer "might" have a strong enogh field to confuse the pacer so long as you are in that field.  

And dont try to be funny and stick fridge magnets to yourself, first off I dont think there is enough of the right materials for that to work and second it wont hurt you necessarily but it puts the pacer in battery test mode.  Turns your heart rate into a battery meter, the faster the rate the more battery you have left.  Their fear is the pacer may stick in that mode then you have to go to the doc.  so dont play with magnets, unless they tell you to depending on what type of home by the bed box you have.

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