3 months ago I had a pacemaker fitted,(last operation on a friday afternoon before a bank holiday).
Since then I have suffered with palpitations, now the give you an emergency No: to ring if any problems. After 2 weeks I called and they had me in that afternoon.
They said nothing was wrong with the pacemaker but, it did show a lot of iregularities and I had to contact my Dr.
I did contact a Dr. and she said I have to see the cardioligist at the hospital. I filled in a form on line which was accepted and a date for 6/08/18 OK so far, Nooo.
In the mean time My palpitations got worse, so I rang the emergency No: again and they had me back again and it was a repeat,PM OK. go see your Dr.
I saw a different Dr. and he put me o beta blockers for a trial period,( it hasn't made any difference). I notice that these excessive palpitations Accured on the hour, So I started writting down the times and the dates over a period 6/7 weeks, getting a bit pissed off because hospital got cancelled because of staff shortages
Emergency No: again and I had to you go in that afternoon. In the mean time I checked my dates which I had been putting down and found these palpitations had been occuring every 21 hours apart and, not only that, the last 3 attacks happened a 3minutes past the hour.(eg: 10.03 7.03 4.03) Now when I pointed this out.
They said it was me being unduly worrying but, they altered my heartbeat from 60bpm to 65bpm and switched off the automatic limit or something like that and go see your
Dr again . Hey Ho.



by Tracey_E - 2018-09-03 08:38:49

If they are, in fact, palpitiations, know that they are harmless and rarely affected by beta blockers. The fact that they started after you got the pacer and happen regularly implies the answer may be in your settings. 

Emergency is never going to do more than verify that the pacer is pacing and you aren't in imminent danger. Anything else isn't an emergency so they aren't much help. 

Can you get an electrophysiologist rather than a cardiologist? 

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