Sore pacemaker and DVT

I have always exercised a lot and I teach PE. My heart rate has always been slow (around 30 bpm) but doctors put this down to exercise. Almost three years ago I needed a pacemaker at 37 years old as the electrical impulses in my heart were causing it to stop beating for approximately 5 seconds several

times a day.  Since having the pacemaker fitted, mytheimplantatiohas been sore and feels like it’s digging into me. It is also very prominent, sticking out a lot and I can easily feel the edges of it. I am currently off Work because it has been compressing on a vein and caused a large blood clot in my arm. I am on anticoagulants for the next six months. The pacemaker has caused the blood clot but is also keeping it where it is. I have another ct scan in a week but one doctor said I might have to live with it for the rest of my life. This surely can’t be the best option? I cannot train or work at the moment which is very frustrating. Had anyone any advice? 



by lizzylou - 2018-09-11 18:32:41

Apologies for the typo but it won’t let me edit my post. The doctors have told me to elevate my arm to reduce the swelling but I am due back at work on Monday 17th September. However, if it’s not elevated my arm throbs and my fingers go pale. 

Pacemaker induced DVT

by AgentX86 - 2018-09-11 21:50:49

That's a new one.  I would think your doctors could come up with some permanent relief from this condition, even if they have to move the pacemaker to the other shoulder.  I think it's time to find yourself another medical team.  There is something really wrong here.

BTW, six months of anticoagulants sounds right but "living with it" is a firable offense for a cardiologist, IMO.

Blood clot

by Shepheart - 2018-09-11 23:00:23

Hi lizzylou, i got my pm in 2012. I had a blood clot where the leads went into the vein and caused some restriction. Perhaps not to the extent that yours has though. After awhile my arm made collateral veins which made up for the restriction and the swelling went away. I also have a degree of jugular vein distension but it’s all no big deal now. I did have to take a few extra weeks off work but I was covered by work place insurance. 

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