first post op check up - 6 weeks

Hi Everyone;

Just back from my first check up (6 weeks post op).

I've felt pretty good but have had four 'mini' faints since the implantation of the PM (dual chamber). 'Mini' because although each episode followed the same pattern as before, I didn't pass out completely. I knew I needed to remain down on the ground/bed and after five minutes or so got up and carried on with what I was doing before. This along with several instances in bed when it felt like someone was knocking on my left side....4 beats....3 beats... 4 beats....and I could get rid of it by rolling over on my right side. These two issues have resulted in my being referred back to the big city for a PM Clinic with the hospital that did the surgery.

I'm hoping that some of you that had/have been diagnosed with the VasoVagal Syncope have any info to share on what I may expect. The tech I met with said something about further surgical interventions and you can imagine .......I really don't want to go there...........ugh.............

Any info appreciated. Thanks for your time.



loose lead?

by Tracey_E - 2018-09-11 21:47:18

If the pacer changes when you change position, that could be a loose lead that needs to be put back. 

Vasovagal problems are part blood pressure, part heart pauses. The pacer only fixes the heart half of the problem. Diet and medication help with the rest if the pacer alone does not. 

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