Hi everyone, i’m wondering if you’ve ever had issues with thrombosis, post-implant. I was fitted with my PM 2 months and a wee bit ago.. and it was all going swimmingly until a couple of days ago, when i realised i could barely put on my wedding ring! AKA sausage fingers. My arm was also slightly swollen. I took myself on a little trip to the hospital, spoke to my cardiologist, 2 other cardiologist pals of his AND my EP, had an echo done and apparently i have a partial subclavian vein thrombosis around the implant site. I was given 5mg Eliquis twice a day for the next month. Basically, should i be freaking out or is this rather common? I have to say, opinions seemed to be pretty divided back at the hospital.. so i thought it best to ask folk who have actually gone through this (or similar). Thanks so much, in advance!


I Had It Too

by NiceNiecey - 2018-09-14 20:10:37

Hi EE.

Although I got mine sooner than you did, I, too, developed a DVT after my PM implant.  It was in my armpit; so sexy.  Although it’s not common it is not unusual.  They may keep you on the Eliquis longer than a month so be prepared for 3-6 months. In addition, now that you’ve had a blood clot, doctors will be slow to give you birth control pills (in my case Hormone Replacement Therapy!).  Forevermore you will be tagged as one that has had a blood clot BUT the good news is that it wasn’t out of the blue.  We both got one because we had surgery to place our PM so our treatment is short-term.  People that get a clot for “no good reason” are often treated with blood thinners for many months, if not forever.  For us, the treatment is short-term.

I hope that helped!


Thank you!

by Electric Elise - 2018-09-15 01:19:17

Nicey, you are Heaven sent, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I’m glad to hear this isn’t usually a long-term thing because i took my first dose yesterday evening and i’m already feeling some palpitations and nausea today (first time in ages that this is happening, so i tend to think it’s related!?). Oh well, whatever helps, i guess, so onwards and upwards. Thanks again for being there! So, so much appreciated!

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