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I went in Kaiser sunnyside mt. Talbert Clinic to be consulted for new leads for my pacemaker which was installed Nov 2016.  Dr. Farnando Tondato was very informative and gave me options of the problem of bad insulation on the wires to upper and lower chambers. I choose to have the wires changed out 3 days later. I was then refered to Dr. Garvey of Providence St. Vencient , according to my acceasment at Kaiser my leads are in critical need of replacement which needs to be done ASAP.  Its been a month waiting for someone to call back with a appointment with Dr. Garvey to get in for surgery. I then made a call back to Kaiser to find out that I was referred to Dr. Garvey and someone would be calling shorly so far 2 more weeks have gone by no call as of yet. Being a resident of the area OHSU had problems with their cardiology dept where their doctors walked off the job and left patents with no health care which created more strain on the Portland OR hospitals for heart care. So as the weeks go by I'm thinking of contacting a new area for my lead replacements and reaching out to my pacemaker bothers and sisters of a place in the western USA to have this proceedure done.



by AgentX86 - 2018-09-16 19:38:40

I completely agree with SG. An HMO is no place for someone with heart issues. It's too often critical to get the best there is. Fortunately,  my employer has outrageously good insurance (a major Japanese corporation, with all that goes with it) but I selected the plans that give the maximum coverage and largest network.

Get out f that HMO ASAP!!!!!

by donr - 2018-09-16 21:36:55

Physicians going on strike - what ever happened to the first law of medicine "Do no harm!"?

If you need leads replaced, you want the BEST you can get - that means in excess of 100 procedures per year & a mortality rate of about 2% or less.  Lead removal is a risky procedure & requires the greatest skill, plus being performed in a thoracic surgery suite just in case there is a problem.  They have but minutes to open the chest in those circumstances.Look at the entire Pacific Northwest for your surgeon.



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