chest pains

I have discussed this before about Palpitations. I had a Dual PM fitted in May 2018 and had problems. The 6 week check up they altered the PM and from then on I had nothing but Palpitations. A week later I went back and they said nothing was wrong with the settings of the PM were correct and, to go and see a Doctor to give me something to change this. I did and he gave me a Beta blocker, it didn't make any difference . I noticed that the worst of the Palpitations seemed to start at 10pm on a Monday night so I noted it down for about 6 weeks and found it crept every 21hrs. I went back again to discuss this, it took a lot of convincing but, eventually they turned the restriction off. Well no palpitations but, now I have chest pains which occur intermitantley,(usually starts about 10am and mainly when I'm sitting down watching TV) As you do I Google it  and it could be Anxiety or Panic attacks, before I go back again, any thoughts on this?


Panic? Or a need to change doctors?

by Gotrhythm - 2018-09-18 16:18:45

Panic attacks. Here's how you khnow if you are having them or not. Panic attacks always have an emotional component.There is a feeling of impending doom, as if something terrible is going to happen, or as if they are about to die. The raw fear is overwhelming. 

It is a feeling that would be entirely understandable, rational even, if the sufferer was in fact in imminent physical danger. What makes it a panic attack rather than panic, is that no physical danger is present,

I'm not a doctor, nor any kind of expert about pacemakers. What's causing your symptoms I have no idea. But I can say that the emotional tone of your post contains no hint of panic.

One thing I have learned, If I've been to a doctor three times and not been helped, there's no reason to hope they will know more if I go back a fourth time. I need to go somewhere else.

chest pains

by stoneman - 2018-09-19 04:09:26

It's not the Doctors I'm having a problem with, it's the people who fitted the PM they can't seem to accept what I found out for myself.

About your palpitation

by jtaheri - 2018-09-20 20:16:21

I have had pacemaker device since 2003. This is my 3rd one. I had palpitaions with the first one and 2nd one, but they could not understand. Doctor also prescribed beta blocker for me which I only took one felt teh same symptoms and through the bottle away.Until on 2nd one the Technicain performed some tests by disconnecting

wires one by one  via the computer and see how I was reacting. She found the wire that was casuing distortion and palpitation on me.We found out that it was a faulty wire since day one that was implanted in my chest. This wire stayed on my chest with no functionality until when my 3rd pacemaker was implanted in Nov. 2013, the doctor implanted new wire and left the faulty one inside, since it is dangerous to pull out wires as throughout the years, there are lots of tissues built up around the leads and this will cause health danager.

Please ask the Pacemaker technician and your doctor to check the distortion and noise level of the leads. I complained bout the issue for 8 years until, they disconnected the faulty lead and then I did not have any pulpitations. Remembr and if they say " No we dont think that is the issue" don't accept their response and push them to re-check the leads.

Remember No one knows about your heart better than you.


chest pains

by stoneman - 2018-09-21 05:05:22

Thank you for your reply, I probably can't explain myself very well. Idid change Doctors basicly I want a Doctor thats had a heart problems..

I'm seeing a different Dr. this morning I guess they'll be telling me I'm wrong before I'm finished telling them what's wrong.

The operation I had was last on a friday afternoon before a National holiday, I was in the motor trade and, younever buy a car built on a friday afternoon.

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