pacemaker implant

It's been 7 months since my pacemaker implant , I am still experienceing  pain , it feels like something is pressing against my clavicle bone . I can not lay on my left side because it squishes & hurts ! Does anyone else feel the pressure on the clavicle ? It also hurts into my armpit & part of my breast ! 



by kris59 - 2018-09-27 03:23:35

I feel for you , I'm sorry about your left shoulder , I only have impingement in mine ! I also have a tumor on my adrenal glad , stage 2 kidney failure . I have rheumatoid arthritis & polycythemia vera & monoclonal gammothopy . So far it's all in early stages , I've had therapeutic phlebotomy twice so far & a bone marrow biopsy but the results did not show myeloma ( yet ) So many skin issues due to the RA , I'm 59 years old & really not looking forward to the future ! I wish you the best ~ take care !                                                         

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Yesterday was my first day mountain biking after my implant. I wiped out several times and everything is fine. There are sports after pacemakers!