new crt pm lowers ejection fraction

Hello all, this is Philman with some serious concerns.  had a stroke in

June of 2017 working on good rehab through feb of 2018 when i needed a new pm to replace my duel lead medtronic ... it was decided that we implant a st. judes bi ventricular crt. I believe it is called quadra allure mp.  I was told it would give me more horsepower and smoothr pacing with the extra lead.HOWEVER...  had my first echo in august and my E/F was lower than it has ever been.   I was suspicious as there was alot of fatigue since the implant of the crt. 

My E/F NUMBERS HAVE BEEN 55 TO 60 FOR THE LAST 10 YRS.  EVEN THE DAY OF THE STROKE IN JUNE.. LATEST ECHO SHOWS LOWER 45 TO 50 F/F.  doctor feel wait and see on next echo.  looking at the interrogation reports there are 3 ALERTS SHOWING BOTH CAPTURE AND SENSE NUMBERS ARE LOWER THAN THEY SHOULD BE...LOOKS LIKE THIS...... lv2   capture 2.25v @06ms(m3-m2)  report on may22/2018                    lv2   capture 2ov@06ms(m3-m2)     report on 6/26/18  sense was alerted aswell rv 2.8 mv(rv bi)

Don't know what this means but feel doctor should be on it and not say wait and see...Everthing i have read indicates crt should increase the E/F not lower it...  I have sooo much on my plate with the stroke that thisissue looms large for me.  Any help or response would be GREATLY APPRECIATED,  and i thank you in advance..

many thanks and God Bless











































CRT lowers LVEF?

by AgentX86 - 2018-10-03 22:47:40

An LVEF of 55-60% is pretty much perfect.  You can't expect improvement but I wouldn't expect it to go down, either.  Echo cardiograms are subject to a lot of interpretation.  You may not be any worse than before, rather a different cardiologist is reading the echo.  Even so, your LVEF isn't all that bad.  I think a "wait and see" may be a good idea.

Still pretty good numbers...

by BOBTHOM - 2018-10-04 08:43:10

55% - 65% is considered normal.  Even at 45% - 50% it's not that bad and may just be an indication of worsening heart condition.  But at that level there really isn't much they could do.  You should ask again at your next appointment to see if there are any settings they can adjust.  Wait and see, as scarry and stupid as it may sound, is about all they can do.


by lefty2 - 2018-10-04 11:46:45

I agree that you should not worry about it that much. Echo readings can vary greatly  and there is a margin of error. A MUGA will give you a more accurate reading. Your Doctor just wants to wait awhile then probably give yo anther echo t see if the reading is about the same.




by Philman - 2018-10-04 15:00:33



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