12 volt batteries

Getting close to retiring and having a van conversion done to do some traveling. The folks doing the conversion want to put the storage batteries (2 12 volt) under the couch/bed. I am paced almost 100% of the time while at rest. Is there a problem with being near large batteries or current?




EMF fields

by Theknotguy - 2018-10-05 08:01:02

The EMF (Electro-Magnetic-Fields) put out by two 12 volt car type batteries aren't big enough or strong enough to bother your pacemaker. I work with them all the time and don't have any problems.  I'm thinking the EMF fields put out by a car  or truck battery should extend (at most) only a couple of inches (at best) from the batteries and that would be in the area where the leads attach. 

I've written on the forum before where I was running a large DeWalt 110 volt drill and was actually leaning on the drill as it was running.  I was pushing down with my shoulder and my pacemaker was lying on the drill as it was running.  No problems.  I was working production work and drilled over a hundred holes before I thought about my pacemaker.  If there would have been a problem I should have seen it by then.  

Was also working in a building where our computer monitors developed video jitter.  Turned out it was in the area where they were bringing the main power into the building.  We had a large EMF field that extended three feet above the floor but that was above the mains bringing power into the whole building.  Power coming in was at 400 volts.  That's something you don't see every day and quite an unusual circumstance.  

So the EMF field put out by a 12 volt battery is no where near what you would see at 400 volts.  I wouldn't worry about it.  

If nothing else, have them give you a tour of a finished unit where the batteries are beneath the bed.  Try it out and see if anything happens.

Go for it

by AgentX86 - 2018-10-05 08:16:25

The issue is AC magnetic fields,  not rather weak DC fields. Being very near the alternator may be an issue but the battery isn't a problem. Large DC fields can trip the MRI default settings switch but it takes a field far larger than you'll see from a battery. Even if it did trip the switch, it would just set you PM to its default settings. You'd be fine.

Even though you're 100% paced, it doesn't mean that you'd even be in immediate danger if your PM quit (not going to happen). You'd just revert to the way you were. Have your conversion done and have fun with it. No worries at all.


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