Broadband wifi kit

I have been looking for the Broadband kit that I need to hook up to my Merlin@ Home Transmitter. I have called the company that St. Jude or Abbott suggested I call to get one but they don't have any. If someone knows where else you can get them please drop me a message.



Merlin@home Transmitter

by pacergirl - 2018-10-12 10:41:30

We had an extra phone line installed in our bedroom. We had AT&T install the wireless router with our phone system.  We would like to discontinue the landline service but can't because of the Merlin.  

We are currently checking into how much, if any, a tax break  (US) we are elgible for. We must have a dedicated phoneline for the medical device uploads.

If anyone has information about this, or you have been successful, please won't you share? :)

Thanks, Pacergirl

security system

by dwelch - 2018-10-16 11:37:51

I finally dropped my land line and never ended up with a Merlin, kinda sad the other brands provide more options than landline or these add ons...

but when i was getting my st jude and going to get a merlin (turns out my model wasnt compatible so we went back to the phone box with the magnet) Verizon (landline) showed a $7 something security system phone option.  You might want to see if they have something like that, explain the situation, perhaps mention this is life threatening (even though it really isnt).  

At the end of the day they need to step up their game and move past the 1990s with their tech.  

I was half hoping I would have gotten one as I was trying a number of VOIP solutions for my 10 year old direct-tv box that I also needed the land line for.   Never got a VOIP solution that would work for that, my next pacer was boston scientific, and wasnt interested in the stay at home box, so never got to try merlin solutions.   

I have not looked into it but you would think they would know of a VOIP box that works, or maybe they dont want to do that because they want you to have to use their solution...

So I am not able to help out directly because I dont have a Merlin but am interested in knowing what solutions you find or if anyone else has a solution.  Perhaps the telco will provide a reasonably priced or maybe even metered solution since your usage is in theory very low.  and you can play the medical card.



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