Insurance coverage

I have to change my insurance this October.  Any problems with ins companies with pacemaker issues like general checkups with pm techs etc



by ROBO Pop - 2018-10-19 18:31:56

your question is quite vague, however based on your age I'm guessing you are on Medicare and are interested in Advantage plans and/or Supplemental (gap) plans. I would suggest you contact a licensed agent to help- you. All plans and insurer's are not created equal and our government in it's infinate wisdom made insurance impossible to navigate for the sane. 

Medicare supplement

by Eugenia - 2018-10-27 14:42:14

Thanks Swangirl,    I have medicare, but Plan F is not included. It is an advantage plan and I pay 20% of hospital bills, doctor bills, I have co-pays and other associated costs, etc.  I am a retiree and it is the plan offered by my former employer.  When I had the pacemaker insert and ablation, last year, I was shocked at the bill. I am still paying monthly to resolve my hospital and doctor bills -while paying currently to continue seeing other physicians. It is a nightmare!  Thanks for your advice!!! 

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