Blood pressure after setting change

Hi everyone, New to the group . I had my PM Implant November 4, emergency room visit. I had  no symptoms other than feeling like I was gonna pass out three times earlier in the evening. I was told I  have  intermediate AV node block stage two blockage 2 to 2 1/2.
I’ve had my settings changed twice once on my two week check up when they remove my staples, because I told the doctor I was feeling weak and tired, and the second time this past Friday because I keep  feeling like I’m going to pass out every day. ( lightheaded) have been keeping track of my blood pressure since coming home from the hospital. I have noticed since my Friday setting change I have an increase in my blood pressure with very little activity,,
Meaning, just walking around my house, doing laundry and dishes will raise my blood pressure 160/105! ( when this happens I get lightheaded also) I also  experience headaches that lasts a few hours every night .Then I’ll rest on my couch for an hour and my blood pressure will go down 110/65! ( back to normal) 
This repeats throughout the day I get up my blood pressure goes up to 160/105 and then I rest  and it goes back down to 110/65..
This is very alarming being my blood pressure has always been low.
Has anyone else experienced this. I try calling my doctor but I can only get through to the nurse she scheduled me to see the doctor next Wednesday!


Blood pressure issue

by NormaLou - 2018-11-04 12:20:52

Your post interested me because I have been having  a blood pressure issue for some time and I relate it to "eating." It seems that after eating a normal meal my blood presure is elevated quite a bit  140/86 when normally my BP is in the teens. or low 120s. I have mentioned this to my doctor and she just keeps changing my BP meds which has not helped the situation.

I've had my PM for 9 years and I'm beginning to wonder if my pacemaker, which is set a 60, needs to be increased. I would appreciate it if you could post an update after you see your doctor on Wednesday.

Good luck.


blood pressure

by Jerryraiber - 2018-11-12 12:51:09

I have had a similar problem. My PM was installed on 7/5 of this year. My blood pressure has historically been 120/80. Post PM it is 168/100. It's been adjusted 4 times and I still don't feel well. Wish I didn't have this thing put in. I have no energy now where as before I had plenty. My only issue was my heart rate was to low. 41. Now my quality of life is terrible. Chest pains, muscle and nerve pain at the insertion site. Any suggestions would be welcome.


update Blood Pressure

by May52 - 2018-11-12 21:25:34

 So I went to the doctor, and he changed my settings again ! Its set at 60/130.  Something with my rhythm  was also changed . So I was having lightheadedness and headaches every evening before my settings were changed and I thought it was because of high blood pressure. Now since my settings have been  changed my  blood pressure is low, and I’m still having the headaches and lightheadedness every night . 


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