Pm setting

I have afib and controlled by medication . This has slowed My heart rate iusually between 42 to 48 .I have no symptoms of tiredness etc . I am scheduled for pm implant next week . The setting would make the pm operate almost all the time . Is there a downside , like making the heart muscles weak etc . Any long term risk.




by Tracey_E - 2018-11-14 22:08:02

The pacer sends the signal to beat, a small shock that mimics the signal the heart would be sending if it was beating fast enough. The heart muscle responds by contracting so our heart muscle is still doing the work. There are some small risks associated with long term pacing such as reduced function, however there are treatments for that and the risks of a low heart rate are worse. When our rate is too low, our organs aren't getting the oxygen they need. 

I've paced every beat since 1994, my function is as good as it ever was, there's nothing I want to do that I cannot. Many here are in a similar- 100% paced and thriving. 

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