Pacing at 100%

I would highly recommend insisting on setting changes.  I was very disappointed with my ICD for the first two months.  After I got the settings maximized, I was pacing at 100%  Exactly what I needed!  So what if I needed a battery replacement 5 years later! My EF went from 20 to 45 & isn't that the point.  A squeaky wheel gets heard, sometimes!

When they were done changing my settings, while stil on the table, I got the first satisfying breath I'd had in 10 years!



by Tracey_E - 2018-11-17 08:50:41

The whole point of having these things is to feel better, glad you are doing well! Many of us pace 100%. There is no right or wrong percentage. 

Believe it or not, how much we pace is only a small part of how long the battery lasts. The bells and whistles we use, the condition and position of the leads, how much juice it takes to get the heart to respond, the safety margins are all factors also. 

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