Electric Razor Cordless/Rechargeable

The documents that came with my Boston Scientific Pacemaker says to use and electric razor 6 inches away from PM.  This is not possible due to the location of the PM.  Do Cordless elecric razors emit EMI ??  Thanks for you help,


Not to worry

by Theknotguy - 2018-11-20 18:33:21

Most of those notices are there to protect the company in case something unforeseen happens.  With the newer pacemakers they aren't bothered by the small EMF fields the electric razors put out.  So you can use them without any worries. 


Just don't fall asleep with it on your chest!

by BOBTHOM - 2018-11-21 22:51:24

The newer devices and leads are pretty well shielded and the amount of time your razor would be near to your pm is very short.  Just don't leave it running and fall asleep with it on your chest and you should be fine.

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