Pacemaker & Wireless wifi interference

Have pacemaker 7 yrs, AV node ablation 5 yrs. Bought smart tv. Few days later had AF but mainly ecoptic, this happened every few days then next giddy, loss balance. Went to Doc who sent to hospital for tests. No information provided to me nor report to Doc. Then I see that this device (smart tv) should not be used with pacemaker. Of course by this I was blaming wireless/wifi and possibly incorrect installation. Returned TV. I keep my wireless switched off. I installed previous TV which is free to air style. Had Echocardi, saw Doc who doesnt accept my point.Neither does the maker of my pacemaker.  Holter in 10 days and the next day new pacemaker check. What happens when I go to a wireless wifi premises is that my ecoptics start up and it usually takes about 3 hours in a clean environment for it to go back to normal.Unless I just sit down and stay put I feel giddy, balance probs.Wireless is everywhere. I can change situation and have no wireless wifi, but GP, Cardiologist, taichi, etc all have it. I will post again when decisions are made

I saw a Lisa had a similar problem a year back and I dont know Iwhat happened after she got the holter result.  If Lisa or anyone could help, please advise.Bye - Joy


In theory no issues...

by BOBTHOM - 2018-11-23 14:53:28

In theory there should not be any issues with WiFi.  If there were, there would be alot of people reporting it.  I've had some suspicious events, like having my ICD pace me up and noticing my laptop computer had just rebooted from an update, happened twice in just over a week.  But still, I have to beleive it was coincidence or, like I said before, there would be many many more reports and doctors offices and hospitals flooded with patients.  Part of it may also be anxiety.  Our mind can cause alot of physical effects.  Either way, pretty much just something we have to live with and you should do what makes you feel better and most at ease.

Why wifi now?

by Gotrhythm - 2018-11-26 14:54:28

The flaw in your argument for wifi interference is that wifi has been everywhere for years--certainly since you first got your pacemaker. If wifi is indeed interfering with your device, then the question to answer is why is it only happening now?

Something your doctor may not have discussed with you is that just like electrical problems with the heart can happen suddenly and for "no reason," they can also get worse, or change. Sometimes the reason is obvious, but often it isn't. It just happens that where you once had one arrythmia, now you have two or three. 

It's possible that your device's settings need to be altered to deal with your changed status. It's a problem I have faced several times in the seven years I have had my pacemaker. I have learned that it is neccessary to be proactive, seeking a EP who is skillful enough to make the programming changes that are needed.

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