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Because of paroxIsmal AF I got the first pacemaker in 2002 and the second one in 2914. shortly after the second implant I had symptoms like lightheadedness an general bad feeling and was diagnosed with NERD which is non erosive. I have been taking protonpump inhibitors since. Ca.4 months ago I started having the strangest episodes of churning feelings like something moving around right below the sternum and feeling like fainting. This lasts always not even  a minute but happens  multiple times a day. I went to the ER, because I thought this was caused by my heart but they sent me home after taking a cat scan, nothing seemed to be wrong. Then my doctor suggested that the cause was the hiatal hernia I have which us very small. After quite a few doctor visits my GP told me that on the cat scan she’s aware that the ventricular lead seemed very low, almost touching the bottom. She had suggested that before but the electrophysiologist checked it out and didn’t think that was the case. Since this has been going on for so long, I also saw a chiropractor who manipulated the supposed hiatal hernia, no change. Now I’m waiting for an appointment with a new electroohysiologist because I’m convinced that that ventricular lead us causing all the trouble and I think even that the Nerd diagnosis was wrong and this lead had caused the trouble all along.      Did anybody experience similar episodes and if so, was it that such a lead influenced the stomach or even the vagus nerve?  I would very much appreciate to hear from you!


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I'm 35 and got my pacemaker a little over a year ago. It definitely is not a burden to me. In fact, I have more energy (which my husband enjoys), can do more things with my kids and have weight because of having the energy.