Snow skiing frustration

My family and I used to snow ski a lot, so much so that he owned a condo at a world class ski resort.  The kids grew up, got married and I got an ICD.  Doctor says I can’t snow ski anymore... it’s in the DO NOT DO list.

So we sold the condo and had to find new sports to do together as husband and wife.

My frustration is that I (we) had to give up something we love to do.  My ICD has never gone off and it was placed, I was told after the fact, as precautionary, it may never go off.  


I honeatly feel my  heart condition had to do with my Diet Coke addiction and aspartame poisoning.  I stop drinking Diet Coke (and all sodas) and my heart problems went away. 




Wait'll Tracey .......

by donr - 2018-12-01 20:49:43

...reads  this! the explosion will be heard round the World!

Lady, You've been conned out of your knickers w/o taking your clothes off!

Unless there are things you haver not told us, He must  plan on having an ambulance follow you around at double arm distamce the rest of your life & be sitting at tye phone awaiting the call that you are in distress!



Don knows me so well :o)

by Tracey_E - 2018-12-02 11:26:32

Go get another opinion! Preferably from a doctor who is active and has other active patients. Unless you have a lot more going on than you've mentioned, the best thing you can do for yourself is stay fit. I can't imagine why skiing would be worse than any other activity unless the person giving the advice has never skied and has some crazy (incorrect) idea of what it's like. Is the doctor ok with other activities? 

If there's doubt as to how safe it is to exercise, ask for a stress test to see how your heart is doing now, then cardiac rehab to start exercising while under medical supervision. If you can safely do all that, then I'd be pulling out the skis and headed out to find some powder.  Worst case it fires, that's what it's there for. But unless there's a lot more to the story there's no reason why it would be more likely to fire skiing vs any other activity. 

My parents have a condo in a ski town. My sister and I use it every chance we get, and one of my kids loves it there so much she chose a college nearby and has a weekend job at one of the ski resorts. She asked me how many of her employee passes she should save for me this season. All of them, duh, lol. Mountain opens up this week. 

Tracey, You've...

by donr - 2018-12-02 22:04:37

... mellowed in your "Old Age!"  Wearing out, eh?

No one can write that story like you!  Coming rom a war-scarred vet like you, it has far more impact than from a mere 15 yr veteran of only a PM & Brady.  (heer, Hee)



skiing with a ICD

by Gimli - 2018-12-17 00:39:37

I got my ICD two months ago and there was no mention of slowing down. I'm very active, hiking, biking, daily exercise and skiing.  You need another doctor's opinion.  

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