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I'm looking for feedback/opinions/experience with CLS sensors as found in Biotronik pacemakers.  I'm about to trade in my Medtronic (accerometer only) for a Biotronik with dual sensors-an accelerometer and CLS.  After doing a fair amount of internet research I was convinced the minute ventilation sensor found in Boston Scientific devices would be the best fit for my active lifestyle.  I've been frustrated with the Medtronic device since I received the PM in 2013 (53 yrs old).  It just doesn't seem to provide enough kick for the activites I used to do with relative ease - running & hiking my big interests.  My clinic contracts with Biotronik so I don't have much choice.  I'm hoping to hear from active people in their late 50's and what they think about CLS/Biotronik?


CLS Sensors

by IAN MC - 2018-12-03 06:29:41

I have the same Medtronic PM as yourself and am also thinking of a brand switch at my next PM change ( 2 years to go ) for exactly the same reasons as yourself  Two points to consider :-

-   My EP is reluctant to switch brands because the Medtronic has MRI compatible leads and there is no published data that it is OK to put a different box on these leads.  Ask your EP if he is willing to do it

- there have been reports on  here that the CLS sensors get confused if you maintain a highish heart-rate for some time ( as in long-distance running ) and the Biotronic reacts by  giving you a sudden rate-drop . This, I believe, can be remedied by settings adjustments but you have to have a high-calibre person doing the adjustments. 

CLS sensors are theoretically the most physiological of the lot but not all users are enthusiastic.

If I can persuade my EP to do it I am  going to opt for a dual-sensor Boston Scientific

Best of luck



sensor systems

by BHviz - 2018-12-04 22:12:45

Thanks for your reply and reasoning Ian.  I talked w/ the Biotronik rep today, he's part of my medical team and previously worked w/ Medtronic.  He explained the Biotronik Edora 8 I'll get will be a significant upgrade from the Medtronic in terms of the dual-sensing as well as having a wide variety of settings to tweak.  I don't doubt it will be an improvement and since I don't really have a choice I'll make the swap next week.

He also addressed the MRI issue, told me most hospitals establish individual policies regarding MRI.  Some will allow brands to mix as long as both leads and generator are MRI tolerant.  My particular hospital has a conservative approach and requires leads and generator be the same manufacturer.

You mentioned a 2-yr wait until you get a new device.  I was 4 yrs out from replacement but my doctor sent a request to my insurance, stated my 'quality-of-life' could be improved w/ new & better technology.  We were all surprised when it was quickly approved, hence my last-minute efforts to gather additional info.  I should be able to report back to you in a few weeks regarding Medtronic vs Biotronik...


by IAN MC - 2018-12-05 12:04:26

Here in the UK we don't have to get our chosen PM approved in advance.   The EP seems to decide on the day of the implant and it would appear  to depend on which brands he has in the ward cupboard !

Unfortunately I don't believe that many doctors tailor the brand of  PM according to the lifestyle of the patient.

It will be really helpful if you let me know when you've successfully had a brand switch on to your MRI-compatible leads. I could then quote your case to my very conservative EP.

Interestingly, I had a discussion on brand-comparisons with a very knowledgeable technician last week,  I asked him which is the best brand , He stated that , in his opinion,......"  Medtronic have been left behind over the last few years because , unlike Biotronic and Boston Scientific, Medtronic have made virtually no technological improvements while the other two are continually improving  !! "

Hope you make the right decision !


boston scientific ICD and minute ventilation sensor

by Gimli - 2018-12-17 00:34:18

I was hoping I could have the minute ventilation sensor feature with my Boston Scientific ICD but was told at my adjustment visit that their ICDs don't have the feature, only the accelerometer for active people.  I'm 59 and got my ICD two months ago because my resting heart rate was 25 bpm due to 2nd degree AV block Mobitz type 2.

I exercise daily and monitor my heart rate.  About once or twice a week my heart rate climbs to 140-150-160 when warming up and then drops to my goal of 120 bpm.  Lately, it has dropped down to 1/2 (60 bpm) for a short time after well into an hour-long exercise.  The accelerometer is on but I haven't noticed any difference before and after it was turned on.

Biotronik - 2 Month Follow-up

by BHviz - 2019-02-09 19:23:56

It's been 2 months since I received a Biotronik Edora 8 as a replacement/upgrade for a 5 yr old Medtronic device.  I'm an active 59 yr old female w/ bradycardia & Sick Sinus Node; pacing approx 80% of the time.  I can report I'm disappointed with the Biotronik.  After 2 months and 1 visit to a clinician for adjustments, there's been no significant difference between the old and the new. I can now reach an HR of 150 running on a treadmill, which the Medtronic couldn't do; but it takes me longer to work up to a 10-min mile pace.  I used to warm up w/ a 1/4 mile of fast-paced walking; now it takes 3/4 mile before I can transition into a run.  It's Nordic ski season here and I still don't get the boost I was hoping for to climb hills.  Later this month I'll meet with the Biotronik rep who is currently researching my case.  He assures me the Biotronik allows more fine-tuning than the Medtronic and he's optimistic there's still ways to improve the response.  I'll let you know in a couple of months!  

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