12 lead ECG

ECG 1 hour after PM replacement.  EP may have explained things, but I don't recall (still in LA-LA land)      Anyway:

PR Interval :    *

QRS Duration:  162 ms

QT/QTc: 504/562 ms

P-R-T axes:  *  16   211

Can someone explain these numbers?

Thanks!     --Dave--



by donr - 2018-12-03 20:53:44

...  PR Interval:  Time in milliseconds between leading edge of P wave (Little one that starts the Atria contracting. ) Not given

QT/QTc: 504/562 ms Time in ms between leading edge of Q wave to Leading edge of T wave.  Q is the small drop in shape befoe the gigantic R wave & T is the elevated section following QRS complex.  Criteria is somewhere less than 500 ms. (in the 460 range)  At this point, yours is too long

Can't explain the axis.  Just don;t know


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