Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins

I know through the years I've read posts about dolphins not doing well with ICDs, but since I am now 10 years older than when I first joined the group, I've forgotten what the info was.  I am traveling to Dominican Republic soon and wanted to have the opportunity of swimming with dolphins, but heard they are "offended" by pacemakers and ICDs; that it interferes with their high-pitched clicking.  Anyone have this experience?  

Thanks from a very grateful member.  Just had first battery change and I couldn't have passed the last 10 years without all you faithful members.

Cheryl B.



by Tracey_E - 2018-12-03 13:40:17

If you look in the gallery, there's a picture of me with a dolphin. They didn't act any differently toward me than anyone else in our group. 


by IAN MC - 2018-12-03 13:48:06

Which one is the dolphin ?   : )




by Tracey_E - 2018-12-03 17:05:19

The one that doesn't have frizzy hair. 


by Benjijohn - 2018-12-04 03:47:18

I have a Crt-d, and it is a big one, and very visible as I am thin and it was implanted under the skin rather then muscle

While I was on a vacation, I had an oppurtunity to swim with dolphins. As I was getting ready, the person in charge of the dolphins noticed my device. And she politely explained the concerns similiar that you have and did not let me swim.

As I was not really interested in swimming with dolphins, I did not make a big deal out of this. 

If you really want to this, I perdonally think you should just go ahead. 

Dolphins & sharks & noses

by donr - 2018-12-05 01:28:42

Once upon a time we went on a family vacation to the Big Island, Hawaii.  Dr. Daughter wanted to take us all swimming w/ dolphins in open sea, so hired a big rubber job, complete w/ guides.  Since this was open sea, I asked Medtronic about the potential problem of pelagic sharks in the  area.  All sharks have electromagnetic sensors on their snouts that can detect VERY weak fields from injured/distressed sea life.  There are all sorts of pelagic sharks in that area - Great White, BIG Hammerheads, Blue, Tiger, Black Tipped (the worst of all are the Loan Sharks, but they only inhabit the dry land).  My question of Medtronic was "Is there a problem w/ sharks having the capability to sense the fields emitted by a PM?".  Their answer:  "We don't know; never been any research done on that topic.  Would you like to be the pioneer in such research?"  I politely declined the opportunity.

Ian:  I'm surprised that Tracey didn't reply "The one w/ the short nose!"




by IAN MC - 2018-12-05 04:39:01

 I'm sure that a well-read gentleman like yourself appreciates that there is a LONG-nosed dolphin ( Delphinus Capensis )  and a SHORT-nosed dolphin ( Delphinus Delphis ).

I think Tracey is right. I've been unable to find any references to a frizzy-haired dolphin !



Bottle Noses...

by donr - 2018-12-05 10:56:39

Believe it or not, the FLorida dolphin is named Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncates). I am a Floridian,  (Out of New Jersey)  & grew up seeing those beasts in our local waters.  I always thought that the Bottle Nose name was just something  tagged on it by locals, but looks like it is really its common name. 

We really screw things up w/ the name "Dolphin."  The fish named Mahi-Mahi in most of the civilized world is also called a dolphin here.  That onje apparently comes in two varietis  - one that swims in schools & only grows to about a foot in lengrth & another that tends to be solitary & gets to about 2-3 feet.  I have had the good fortune to catch a few of both.

Godtomhear from you.


Mahi-Mahi is Dolphin?

by Grateful Heart - 2018-12-05 23:07:05

Honestly, I don't eat much meat anymore but I could honestly become Vegan very easily.

We have meatless meals 3-4 times a week anyway.

Grateful Heart

Dolphins vs Mahi-Mahi

by donr - 2018-12-06 09:48:51

The Dolphin is a 4-8' lomg mammal - breathes air, just like you & me.  Has same muscle structure as humans, hearrt, lungs, circulatory system is same.  Swims using its Flukes (tail) going uo & down in plane of body axis. 

The Mahi-Mahi is a FISH,  Max of 3' long. Breathes with gills, Muscle tissue is different - flakes when cooked.  Swims with body & tail side to side, in plane of body axis.  It has scales instead of skin.  It doesn't even look like a dolphin.  Brightly colored, flat body.  flat face.

Eat away on the Mahi-Mahi.  Americans aere the only people i know of that call it "Dolphin."


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