Heart Monitor

The Schoche Arm Band Monitor works well.

The Garminn chest strap was no longer working because  I have a CRD with three leads.

Someone refered me to the arm band and now I have all my results on the Garminn.

Thank You.


Not sure if you are asking a question but...

by Grateful Heart - 2018-12-05 22:55:09

I have a CRT-D with 3 leads and use a Polar chest strap with no problems.  

Just wonderin'

Grateful Heart


by ArgonRD18 - 2018-12-06 16:27:25

Thanks I did try the Polar with no results I believe it has to do with the make and model.

I have a Boston Scientific. The St. Jude seems to interface with Polar and some other models.

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