hi anyone recommend protection to go over the pacemaker to protect it from straps

 hi anyone recommend protection to go over the pacemaker to protect it from straps from leaf blowers and back pack strimmers and items like this . i been told by technicians that i can use these but i have to be careful of putting these straps over the pacemaker site ..i seen some protections online like PACEGUARD but i am not sure if these are value for money or genuine   or  not why don't the uk make such protections for these devises they say it improves quality of like which the devise exceeds this but when you look for work you limited due to these small issues but there is an hefty price to pay for these the uk governments go on about people finding work i think it would be a good idea  if they would pay or buy these in to hospitals or may be some shops could sell them in the uk so they might be offered them much cheaper to buy if they was bought in bulk off these companies may be then some savings Can be made when offered to them that would like to buy them i always feel limited  to what i can do .i don't think people would mind buying these sorts of protections but for people on a tight budget its just not possible due to the price they sell these for may be companies can sell them cheaper and get a quick profit turn over instead of the hiked price as once word and mouth starts going as there are millions of people with pacemakers i would think the company could make more money from selling them cheaper than putting high prices on them i get put off by the high price ,

what companys don't understand is people with pacemakers don't get no financial backing to help with stuff like this you can't get   pip or help off the government to buy these types of protection i don't know if i could get help but i don't claim nothing off the government with help for stuff like this so its exspencive to buy .

i don't know who runs this site but may be a suggestion  can be put to these companies to give people better employment choices  if you can offer any links or advise this would be great ...



by Theknotguy - 2018-12-07 07:41:38

I've had my pacemaker for five years now.  Have been all over the United States and took a tour of the U.K. while wearing a backpack with no problems.  I'd frequently sling the backpack over my left shoulder and the strap would go over my pacemaker with no problems.  

I also run the leaf blower and vac-and-sack using the straps to hold the unit with no problems.  

Right after you get your pacemaker the implant site is more tender than usual.  So having a little extra padding helps.  After you've had your pacemaker for a while the site isn't as tender and you don't need as much padding.  While traveling the wider straps of my backpack were all I needed.  

Worst case scenario...  I'll get one of those inexpensive cleaning cloths, wrap that around the strap that goes over my implant site and use that as an extra pad between the pacemaker and the strap.  It was all I needed.

Hope everything else is going well for you.  



by Tracey_E - 2018-12-07 10:03:31

Paceguard was started by one of our members. I haven't used the shirts but have seen them and they are very well made and priced appropriately for what they are. I guarantee the inventor is not getting rich off it.  It's a very limited market. Most of us who are paced have no need for them. 

Do the straps go right over your device? If not, it's not an issue. If they do go over it, do they hurt? If not, again, it's not an issue. The device is titanium, you aren't going to hurt it. We will bruise up, not the device. 

I've seen others fold up a washcloth and tape it over a strap for a quick fix. 

What build are you?

by LondonAndy - 2018-12-07 18:32:28

If you are very thin such that your device is visible under your skin then I can imagine it might be uncomfortable to wear a strap over it. But even so, it is you who would suffer any discomfort, not the device.

As for myself, I am not skinny and carry a 10kg backpack when I fly, walking what feels like miles across airport terminals, without any issues at all.

Yep. Skinny that's me.

by Elwood - 2018-12-12 05:21:56

I'm at day 15 with PM so still have discomfort from the wound. Being on the light side I celebrated the extra 25g...

But the PM is quite noticable below my shoulder and I had noticed the seatbelt rubbing PM. 

Thanks for your feedback ,  I too carry DSLR & lenses and also cycle commute with backpacks & laptops.

So I will definitely consider your advice as I return to a normal activities.

Thanks again.


Low PM Placement

by Suzypoozy - 2018-12-18 11:59:11

I just got my pm (unexpectedly) five days ago. I spoke with the Dr. for about thirty seconds before the procedure and didn’t discuss placement or lifestyle. I was surprised when I woke up and it was placed low sort of next to my armpit area. Is this normal? My bra strap will go right over it. I hope she knew what she was doing. I didn’t get a chance to research Dr.’s or anything about pm’s. I was just minding my own business now here I am with a pacemaker! 

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