Quest for Talent

About 4+ yrs ago, my cardiologist suggested I see a "specialist" in one of their other clinics.  I did so, and met with Dr. "A."  At our 1st meeting, wife asked him, "Are you an EP?"  He answered, "No! But I can read an echo better than anyone your husband's been seeing!"  (BTW: his specialty is Echocardiography.)  He arranged a "pacemaker optimization" event for me.  There, besides the Doc was the sonographer, and a device clinic nurse.  The Doc, watching from behind the sonographer, (a young guy named Chris) would issue orders to the nurse for any specific change he wanted to pursue. After about 15 - 20 minutes of this, and right after his last order, both he AND the sonographer, Chris, shouted, "ALL RIGHT!" - at the same instant. I felt quite a bit better after the event. In a follow-up a couple weeks later, I mentioned to the Doc. how I noticed Chris' response equaled his.  Doc stated, "Yeah! He's good!" 

This Doc has since retired (Dangit!).  My quest now is to find "Chris" in the system, and see who he works with, and who he considers the most talented.  Not many Docs around here whose specialty is "Echocardiography."  

I'll keep y-all informed!



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