This a question for anyone out there who is on warfarin I’ve noticed since the weather has turned cold my inr levels have been getting lower is this normal ?


INR and the weather

by LondonAndy - 2018-12-09 05:16:28

I have been on Warfarin for about 4 years now, but haven't noticed weather affecting my INR.  I have a meter to check mine at home, and do so weekly.  However, living in London we don't experience huge differences in temperature so perhaps others do see more change?  

I am not sure if you have discovered it, but there is a website for people like us with replacement heart valves.  Mechanical valves in particular need blood to flow smoothly through them to avoid the risk of clots, and the modern 'novel anticoagulants' are not suitable for valves so Warfarin is still the primary way of achieving this.  There are some amazingly knowledgable people about INR stuff on that site, so it would be a good place to post your question.

Perhaps if your diet changes much over the winter months, with more leafy green vegetables, there might be some effect, but for me the biggest effect on my INR is when I have a cold or am on antibiotics.

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