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This post is a companion to my earlier one where I posted a search for talent:  At that get together, the Doc would watch the sonograph, then instruct the device clinic nurse to do this, or that in regards with the "timing" of when each ventricles lead would "fire."   The PM I had implanted at the time (as well as its replacement) featured "Cardiac resynchronization therapy" (CRT).  Shouldn't this feature have automatically performed a like task as the Doc was doing?  Evidently, the pacemaker's CRT therapy can be overridden...................true?

Speaking of timing.............. I had a full - bore Pulmonary Funtion Stress Test on a treadmill with a mask and all kinds of wires and tubes inserted into every orifice a couple three weeks ago.  ---  Then, I had my PM replaced 9 days ago.........DUH!!!  Reminds me of



by ROBO Pop - 2018-12-10 19:31:22

your device will only do what they program it to do no matter what make or model it is. Every function can be switched off, it ain't artificial intelligence.

PM Timing

by Dave H - 2018-12-10 21:50:00

Hey, Robo:  Hi!  I guess my ? is: I've never read anywhere as to "how" the "Cardiac resynchronization therapy" functions. Exactly how and what is being "resynchronized?"  The term infers that the device automatically corrects the "firing time" so the ventricles fire simultaenously.  BUT, if either ventricle were not as full of blood as it could be, it's a wasted effort, thus, the need for a talented Doc to watch the sonograph and deliver timing changes.


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