I have been told that ablation is really safe. My doctor is pushing for this, I suffer from supra ventricular tachycardias, my doctors concern is that my icd will mistake this for v-tach and shock me. I am looking for input.I appreciate everyone's comments. I originally presented by dying at the movies. Being cardioverted back by being dropped, coded the next day at the hospital. Had my icd implanted, happy to be alive. Have had about one episode a year since 2012. Lots of pacing, svt's, v-tach, v-fib and self conversion. I am on nadalol to control my heart rate and keep me out of v-tach. And no getting shocked does not feel good, but feels like getting kicked by a horse. I was just curious if anyone had experiences with ablation and the types. Always happy my experience has been mostly good, my sister and so many others have not had anything remotely bordering on a good experience. 


ICD shocks....

by BOBTHOM - 2018-12-10 10:20:31

If you haven't had it shock you yet count yourself as lucky!  It's not a fun experience.  The worst part of it is that studies show that the more it fires the more it fires.  They are not certain if it's because of damage caused by the shock or if its progression of the heart issues that it needs to fire more often.  Either way, once it shocks it shocks more frequently so you want to do what you can to prevent it for the most part.  As to the ablation, I'm probably headed down that path as well but since it's irreverseable I'm trying to hold off.  I'm working on getting a second opinion and will go from there.  I would suggest you do the same.   Good luck!


by icdwes - 2018-12-12 13:33:24

i think every individual case can be different, if Ablation is that great why does it appear to be the last option. I've had four shocks this last month so it's not great hearing what BOBTHOM had to say. They are just changing my Beta-blocker.

Limited options.....

by BOBTHOM - 2018-12-14 00:31:46

Unfortunately not many options.  ACE inhibitors, diuretics, beta blockers, ICD.  Then it's antiarythmics, ablation, CRT device.  From there LVAD or transplant if qualified.  Not trying to be a downer and every case is different, however the doctors have guidelines that they need to follow.  I had my ICD shock me 5 times in 15 minutes in early Sept 2018.  Previous shocks were once Jan 20th 2018,  then Valentines day (Feb 14) 2018.  After second shock was placed on amiodarone (antiarythmic).  Was backing off of it to limit side affects when the 5 banger hit.  Not a fun experience!  I hope your luck is better!

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