Medical complication

Just got it 3 weeks ago. Instead of a one hour procedure, I stayed 6 days in the hospital.

The procedure went wrong: by introducing one of the two probes into the subclavian vein, it penetrated the pleura, causing a pneumothorax. It was necessary to transfer me urgently in pneumatology to introduce in the lung a probe in order to evacuate the air and the water which accumulated. The doc tried several times to bring this pipe into my ribcage (it had frozen me very superficially at the hole). I never felt such pain but it had to be repeated 3 days later at another part of the chest because the fluids were not did not be emptied. I stayed on a suction machine for 6 days, unable to get up,enduring the worst pain, day and night, despite the large amount of morphine and other sedatives, I believe. The nights especially seemed endless. I ate almost nothing, and I do not speak of painful efforts for other needs, with the help of the staff, who each time tore out moans of pain. I am slowly recovering from this great upheaval surrounded by kindness and constant attention of my partner. Still hoping to play tennis and pickleball again.


You have been very unlucky MONMON

by IAN MC - 2018-12-13 11:22:02

The vast majority of people people sail through the PM implant procedure with absolutely no problems.  BUT as you have sadly found out all surgical procedures carry some risks.   Infections may happen as may blood clots but these too are rare.

The vein where the leads are introduced is very close to one of the lungs and everyone's anatomy is slightly different . Even in the most skilled hands occasionally lungs do get punctured.......   sorry to hear that it happened to you.

.. but the good news is that you are now recovering !!!

Best of luck, and welcome to the club



by Dave H - 2018-12-13 11:22:47

Hey, MONMON!   Fingers crossed and and all kinds of good outcome thoughts for you!!  Don't give up!!!


Good doctors

by Monmon - 2018-12-13 11:39:29

Thanks for your good words Ian and Dave. Fortunatly, in the middle of this ordeal,  I had the unique chance to deal with the most compassionate and kind and intelligent doctor: he came every day to visit me, encouraging and trying everything to make me more conforable. You are right, Dave, every medical procedure is risky. Percentage of failure in a PM implant is 1 or 3 %. I just had the wrong number. That's it, and I don't complain. 



by Violet West - 2018-12-13 14:37:57

ugh.  so awful.  Being stuck in the hospital is the worst! sorry!


by El Gordo - 2018-12-15 08:02:01

I get it. I had 3 hernias repaired in September and they did it laparoscopically with day surgery. They inflated me like the Michelin man and worked their magic. I thought all was well until 24 hours later, I had the most incredible stabbing pains. Apparently it was the remaining gas bubbles moving inside me (mostly migrating to my left shoulder). I've dislocated a hip, broken my pelvis (separate incidents) and a lot of other stuff, but never have I experienced such instant and intense pain. I had never before yelled from pain, but I spent two days doing just that. I'm glad yours is over. 

I love your attitude. It's right on, and makes life a lot easier.

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