Referred beats?

I'm having a device check in a couple of hours.  I'm 2+ month past implant and AV Node ablation (CRT-PM, 100 ) but I keep having these weird sensations, like feeling beats below my heart near my rib cage or diaphragm, so Doc is sending me early for a check.

Does anyone know what this could be?  

Doc mentioned maybe one of my leads was too low, and they could possibly re-position it with a magnet?  




by Violet West - 2018-12-14 00:01:23

so, saw PM tech today. He told me he thought there was extra voltage stimulating the phrenic nerve (leading to the diaphragm) which was causing me to feel those beats.  So, he made some adjustments, somehow, and we'll see if this fixes the issue.  (So far, so good).

It's really amazing technology, isn't it?  Just by putting that little donut doohicky on top of the site, they can detect and adjust the PM.  He turned the rate down from 80 bpm to 70 bpm, saying that the battery should not last me 9 years now, 

I feel like I got a tuneup.


by Sibber - 2018-12-15 08:02:19

Phrenic nerve stimulation is a common 'complication' with CRT devices. It is not dangerous and results from stimulation of the phrenic nerve that runs posterior to the heart and controls the diaphragm. This is because most LV leads are endocardial and often require higher outputs to capture the heart muscle. Certain LV leads can pace from a number of positions and so this 'twitch' can often be programmed around.


by Amarillo - 2019-04-20 16:04:32

On 04/18/2019 got CRT Device installed.  When I lay down or sit in a certain position I get this twitch or jumping in my stomach area. I hope they can do something to correct.  

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