Being the kind of guy with a LVEF of 22% + or - a couple percent, I'm searching for a cardio guy or EP who can actually "read" an echo and have the device clinic nurse follow his instructions for an effective PM optimization.  Previous Doc. had this task aced ---- then he retired (AARRRRGH!).   I'm the current owner of a newly installed Medtronic "Claria MRI CRT-D" PM.

My quest is to locate a talented Doc. whose specialty is Echocardiography.  Slim pickens around here. I've been seen last year by Dr. Margaret Redfield - considered by many as one of the top cardiologists in the country - at Minnesota's Mayo Clinic. 

Anyone here have info regarding any of Mayo's E.P.'s?   In any event, I'll communicate with Dr. Redfield for her $0.02 regarding PM optimization.




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