About to turn 18

Hello, I turn 18 next year and i've had a pacemaker implanted almost 8 years ago and now i begin my adult life.

I've begun training for long time, gym, running, high intensity, mma too. I haven't had a single problem since but something has come up.

I want to begin working in workshops and was wondering do pacemaker in todays time struggle with working with welding tools??

I've done welding in year 8 to 10 with spot welders and tig and mig and haven't had a problem and was wondering has anyone else work in the fabrication area to give some insight.




Arc welding

by Sibber - 2018-12-15 09:35:44

Arc welding has historically been a contraindications to those with a PPM. However most modern devices are very well insulated. If you are dependent onnl the device then I would wee on the side of caution but this is definately something I would speak to your physician about.


by EilishBow - 2018-12-15 17:44:03

Hey, sadly I can’t give you any insight into your question. I just wanted to say hello as I also had a pacemaker implanted at a similar age to you. Although I have had mine 10 years now and I am 22. I’m glad you’re doing well. And... hey! 


This is a major subject...

by donr - 2018-12-15 20:36:58

...of discussion in here.  I doubt if you want to join 4-6 inch thick Submarine hull sections, so there is a place for you in welding.  Go to Google & search for "Pacemaker Club, arc welding."  You should get a ton of hits.  We have all sorts of arc welders in here - do it w/o any problems - but it taKES EFFORT to do so.  The problem is not the AC supply side of the system - it is the DC output part - low voltage, but high current. Generates a fairly powerful magnetic field - all of it perpendicular to the cables.  You cannot shield your body from this field, only minimize the effect. The DC cables should be twisted together - that will decrease the field somewhat.  But even if the cables are pointing straight away from your body, they still have to get to the piece beilg welded & that requires that they pass your body at some poin, putting you squarely in the field. 

Ah, but the real problem is "Striking the arc," and keeping it alive.  ALL electric welding requires an arc to generate heat & create the weldment. out of molten steel (or whatever.)  An electric arc is the original radio frequency wave generator - any arc contains every radio frequency known to man - in varying strengths, most of them quite strong.  And - they radiate.  Every direrction. Including through your body & its PM.  Many of our guys do small scale arc welding - hopefully they will respond - it's early yet.      






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