Feeling faint


i had my 2 lead pacemaker fitted 2 days ago , a history of fainting and heart block identified at last faint.

today I have been feeling very faint, blood pressure elevated, when feeling faint I no longer become unconscious but am lightheaded, unsteady, palpitations, pale and sweaty.

is this normal after having a pacemaker and do the symptoms resolve with time?


call them

by Tracey_E - 2018-12-17 09:36:19

It's possible your settings need adjusted. It's possible more than just a low heart rate was causing the symptoms. Elevated blood pressure should never be ignored. Are you on pain meds? They can mess with you also. 

Call your doc

by Giant Haggis - 2018-12-18 12:43:33

Recieved my pm for bradycardia.  I had an episode in recovery after install.  The feeling of fainting and not being able to fully come out of it.  Literally walking the line between fainting and "normal". The cardiologist originally set my lower limit at 50bpm, which was obvioiusly a bit low for me.  He upped it to 60bpm and I haven't had an issue in just over 10 months.  I also felt off the first few months as my body adjusted and my brain learned how to cope. Occasionally I feel the initital sensation of fainting but it goes away as the PM "kick start(s) my heart"

Still, you should check in with your doc. Ask questions. You are responsible for you.

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