Tachy brady syndrome and five 4 second pauses

Is tachy brady syndrome and five 4 second pauses( in the same day) with symptoms a reason for a pacemaker? This happened to my friend and the pauses were caught on her loop recorder and her doctor diagnosed her with tachy brady syndrome. However all her doctor told her to do is push her symptom button for her loop recorder. That’s all he wants her to do. 

What do you all think? I honestly think she should have a pacemaker. 

I have SSS and AV block and have a pacemaker. 

I obviously know it isn’t my call but just wanted opinions. 


Not An Easy Answer

by Swangirl - 2018-12-16 20:57:42

I had tachy brady and it resolved on it's own.  Unfortunately I had a pacemaker for 7 years that never paced.  So for me rushing into a pacemaker was not a good solution.  I think the leads and the scar tissue affected my electrical system that was already compromised.  A more conservative approach might have been better for me.

Your friend's doctor seems to be looking for patterns over a longer period with the loop recorder. I think he/she is being more conscientious about her diagnosis and what she needs. Apparently the doctor doesn't feel her life is threatened.   


Iteresting Situation...

by donr - 2018-12-16 22:44:49

...here.   I'll betcha she comes out of this w/ a PM.   Four 5 second paudes in 24 hrs is pretty significant & can become an infinite pause (Death) very easily.  Wait & see what he cardio has in mind after the next puse.  I'll also bet a lot that she has another one.  She isn't wearing that loop recorder to learn how to play pinochle!  The cardio suspects something, & she is showing it.  Sounds like it's early in the course of her wearing the LR - also significant.



when it's time to pace

by Tracey_E - 2018-12-17 09:34:26

I believe pauses have to be longer thank 5-6 seconds before they pace for it. Pacing doesn't do anything for tachy but meds can help if it's dangerous or she's symptomatic from it. Otherwise they just watch it. Pacing will help brady but if she needs a pacer depends how low she gets, how long she stays there, and if she' s symptomatic. The loop recorder will answer these questions. 

Trecey is correct.

by donr - 2018-12-17 22:09:34

about the 5-6 seconds before pacer installed.

I'll leaVE MY BET ON THE TABLE for a PM in long run.  Probabiliy of longer pauses is pretty good, based on number of 4's in 24 hrs.


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