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My implant is under the skin, so I hope it won't be a problem working out.  I practice yoga, fast walk and had just gotten back into weight training this past summer.  I had forgotten how much I loved weights, so I really hope I can get back into that.  I do worry a bit that the location of the device, center of left chest under the collar bone, will not interfere with anything.  I use TRX/QueenX as well as dumbbells and machines for pull downs for back and chest work.  Will I be able to do push-ups and other such chest stuff?   I do notice that since the device is right under the neck of the humerous, it sort of pinches if I need to bring the arm across body? I am very petite, not much in the shoulders department.  I love working my back, but my chest is really bony and a bit of muscle makes me look much better!  


Placement under the skin and activity

by Selwyn - 2018-12-17 11:46:41

I have never  heard of having problems with activity once the skin is healed and all is well to begin with. 

I play table tennis and swim- both involve a lot of  full arm movements on the side of my pacemaker ( left handed, and the PM is under the left collar bone). I have never had an issue.

My PM and its leads are easily felt under the skin as I lack fat. I expect it finds its own space with activity. I did discuss the lead length during the insertion procedure with the cardiologist and we decided to have the leads with a lot of slack- due to the over arm activity of swimming, however, that being said I have a slightly damaged lead at present for some unknown reason ( needing a higher voltage to activate the threshold).


by Sibber - 2018-12-17 16:28:24

We have had a few cases of damaged leads and subclavian crush with excessive resistance exercise. However these are definately the exception rather than the rule and as long as you are sensible you should have no problems 


by Jimmy Dinfla - 2018-12-17 21:22:02

My ICD's placement is similar to yours.  I do Pilates instead of yoga, weights, various gym machines, group fitness and Zumba classes.  My cardiologist does not want me to do full length pull-ups or row a row boat.  Otherwise, I am fully active.  I have found it uncomfortable to do fast running or hanging upside down, so I put my hand over the ICD pressing against my chest to keep it from moving.  Also, it hurts a lot if I accidentally hit it, so I am now a great believer in keeping the kitchen cabinet doors closed.  Contact sports are out and I feel bad that I cannot let my dog jump onto my chest for scratching.  High altitude is an issue for me.  Recommend getting the advice from your cardiologist.  Other that that, go for it and enjoy life.

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