Arm band heart rate monitors

What arm band monitor would you reccomend for excersie at the gym either diong cardio or weights or just long walks in general? I need to make sure I don't go above 145 that is what my upper limit is set to.



by Tracey_E - 2018-12-18 13:20:38

The chest straps work for some but have never worked for me. I use my apple watch, fitbits and others that go on the wrist seem to work ok.

They may be able to turn you up higher than 145 if hitting it is a problem. It was for me, many of us need it higher than 145. Actually, if you are set to 145, you'll want to keep it under 135-140 so there's a cushion. 

Thanks for the advice.

by benne81 - 2018-12-18 13:29:24

My ep said that I might eventually need it above 145 but they would have to call medtronic for that. I am thinking about Scosche Rhythm+ arm band which will pair with my garmin watch. Was looking for something much more accurate.

try what you have

by Tracey_E - 2018-12-18 14:33:21

Try out what you have before buying something new. Close is good enough. It doesn't feel good to go over the upper limit but it's not dangerous. You will know it when it happens, dizzy and/or suddenly very winded and tired. And if you are even close to hitting it, push them to change the limit! It's not a big deal to do, they can do it when they interrogate. Don't let them limit you unnecessarily when it's an easy fix. 

I will

by benne81 - 2018-12-18 15:41:24

She said she did not want to make all the changes at once and told me to look into a hr band like what runners use. I go back in 3months so best thing I can do is keep a log of events on how I feel and if anything happens I can always call. If I start to get back into lifting weights then I would for sure need a adjustment. From all the reasech I have done a chest strap or arm band style hr monitor is the way to go for any major activity but for normal activity my wirst based will be just fine I think. Wound up finding a deal on a good band that will pair with my watch.

Scosche Rhythm24

by ar_vin - 2018-12-18 22:26:07

I got a Scosche Rhythm24 (to be worn on the forearm or upper arm) a couple of months back and I like how well it works. Check out reviews on - the ultimate resource for all things sports watch and HR monitors etc:

I also tried armbands from Polar and Wahoo - the Rhythm24 has much better: battery life, features etc.

I previously used a chest strap HR monitor - I find the armbands much more comfortable for extended wear. The optical armbands are almost as accurate as the chest straps while much more comfortable. I've tried the wrist worn HR monitors from Garmin, Apple etc but found them not very accurate. But these are rapidly evolving and improving technologies.





I got the Scosche Rythem+

by benne81 - 2018-12-19 17:53:14

I got the Scosche rythem+ for a pretty good price and from what I understand is it will sync with my garmin smart watch

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