New to this site and very thankful for all the comments

I just got my pacemaker on Monday 12-17-2018. For AV block and occasional Complete heart block. So far I have been having PVC's plus fast and slow heart rates. I'm trying to be patient for it to settle down. I talked to my EP specialist yesterday and she thinks it is just the settling in phase and it should get adjusted over the next week. I'm very happy I found this site it has been very helpful.


Thank you Robin1

by Rock-N-Roll - 2018-12-21 11:27:19

Thank you for the advice. I'm impatient sometimes. A Pacemaker was not in my plans. Ha Ha.


Complete Heart Block

by LivingMyBestLife - 2018-12-21 20:18:00

This forum is amazing. I'm 48 with a complete heart block and I'm excited to hear others stories about their pacemakers. I got my pm 01/29/18.

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