Battery Replacement

I went to my electro/cardio physician in eary April. They scheduled me for a battery change in June. at an off site surgery center. I was told since they will just be exchanging the PM unit it would be a short outpatient surgery. I have it done. It took about 20  minutes tops. I was put into a twilight anesthesia. I never really was out completely. I was pushed out they checked and set the pm gave me a small pain shot and sent me home. I was there with waiting room, hookup, surgery and discharged in about 2 hours total. I got bills for everything within a month everything except the surgery center bill. I get the bill from this surger center in late Nov for 5092.00!! This is after Medicare paid their portion. I had a new one put in two different times at a hospital and was kept for 2-3 days and my bill was never any where near 5000 and I had the leads put in. In fact they took one of older ones out and moved a new one to the other side of my chest.. The battery or unit exchange a 20 min procedure in and out and this iwhat the facility charged me personally. It is way more than the 4 hour surgery I had at the hospital. Something is wrong here. Need to know what I can do.


Cost of surgery center

by Rock-N-Roll - 2018-12-21 11:33:31

Sometimes Surgery centers are not contracted with medicare, but most hospitals are contracted. I would call the surgery center billing office and see what they can do. Sometimes they will give a discount. Ask for their "cash pay discount".

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