Whatcha thinK?

Previous heart failure Doc was an ace.  New guy? I'm not sure. He went over the pulmonary function stress test I went through a month ago, and I have a replacement PM as of Nov 30.  His conclusion(s): my lungs are fine, my heart is compromised (cardiomyopathy). His answers, and explanations were accompianied with lots of eh, er, cough, runny nose, etc.  It didn't seem he had a handle on his explanation.  Altho he's not an EP, and let it be known he is not one, he offerred EP style answers. Couple of his answers were suspicious: "Your heart is being paced at 90%. Your body is using carbon dioxide efficiently. Your pacemaker was optimized when it was implanted."

Afterward, I was thinking the body uses oxygen and sheds carbon dioxide. Device nurse later stated, you're A-V Node ablated.you're being paced at 100%  She also stated the only way to optimize a PM is with a sonographer, a Doc who can "read" an echo and a device nurse who will adj. timing according to the Docs instructions.

My confidence in this guy is not that great..........Whatcha think?



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