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Hi all,

Im 34 yrs old and had a dual chamber PM put in on 03/12/2018. Aside from the incision weeping and taking a little time to heal, recovery has been okay. However, just these last few days i have started to get twinges and pains in my chest and im wondering if thats normal and just all part of the healing and bedding in process. 

I literally have just started to get random sharp pains every now and again when i breath in or sometimes it can happen if i swallow normally. Usually on left side of chest around the heart area, can sometims be felt as low as bottom of ribs on same side. Pain doesnt last long, just like a little stabbing pain and then its gone again. No real pattern to it or way to reproduce it.

PM was put in as electrical signals were not always getting to heart and i had pauses of around 5 -8 seconds. Also had a heart rate dropping as low as into the 30s. All usually happening at night when asleep and was unaware of need for PM until a 24hr monitor was put on, looking for something unrelated. Not sure what else i can tell you as i really dont know. Doctor has been useless and ive only spoken with the cardiologist for a total of 15 minutes across 2 meetings before i was put on list for PM. Im just hoping this is normal and not something else i need to worry about.

Thanks for reading.



recent first pacemaker

by BILLMILBOU - 2018-12-25 08:28:07

I am more or less the same. Didnt know I needed a PM until I got a 48 hour monitor and they found  slow heartbeat at night and heart block. Any way I'm getting the pains as well if that's any comfort to you. I assumed it was just the thing bedding in and getting mt heart to do things it didnt want to do


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