Daughter had pacemaker fitted yesterday

Daughter had pacemaker filled yesterday and came home from hospital the same day, but today she say her heart feels like it is racing., she worried is this normal?


Rate Change

by Pacemum - 2018-12-25 07:48:37

Your daughter may have had a low heart rate before implanation and it may feel strange at first as her body may not be use to a faster or normal rate.

If it still feels strange after a few days I would mention it at the post operation appointment and they could tweek her settings a little.

Have a lovely Christmas.



by Ky - 2018-12-25 14:57:01

Hi everyone and merry Christmas to all I have some quick questions for someone that could help me the doctors look at me like in crazy but I know how I feel well I have a pacemaker and I dt think it's working right I felt like crap all day yesterday and I felt like I was getting shocked so I took my heart rate and it was 56 then 3 min. Later I took it agian case it felt like it was raceing and it was at 90 my pacemaker is set at 60 so if my heart goes under that it will kick in but am I the only one that thinks it hurts when it kicks in the one doctor I seem said I have tachycardia case my blood pressure is low to and i pass out then the other doctor says i have bradycarolis ( if i spelt that right) can anyone help me understand the difference case when. I look online it dt make sense thank u and happy holidays


by Tracey_E - 2018-12-26 09:24:59

If her rate was very slow before, normal is going to feel fast for a while. My rate doubled after I was paced so it felt like I was racing all the time for a good 6 months after. Now it feels normal. Count and see how high she is. 


by dwelch - 2018-12-26 22:16:02

Ditto.  The pacer raised my rate considerably, not quite double but almost.  So that was strange, had a hard time learning to sleep again, well after the recovery.  My heart had grown oversized and I could feel and hear the rusing of every beat.  That all stopped with the pacer, that was very strange and took me moths to get over.

You should expect her to feel strange.  Some of the strange feelings are good, the pacer is working.  there are strange feelings that can be bad, pacing too slow, not keeping up with her activities and she wears out too fast, etc...it is a transition for everyone, her and you, but in the long run it is a transition for the better.

You should be having a checkup in a few weeks then one in some number of months, they may need to do some tuning and these are the first opportunities.  If she cannot make it that long then dont hesitate to call the doctors office.  it does take some period of time for the scar tissue to form around the leads and them to electrically settle so they certainly interrogate the device and see that it is working, but they may still have to wait some number of weeks to do it again as the device settles in, as you and your daughter mentally start to settle down from the change as mental is part of it. there is a lot of anxiety, what if I get a static electricity zap (nothing to worry about there), what if she does this, what if she does that, she is thinking these things too, it feels strange right now is that because I am playing with this or doing that, can I not do taht anymore I want to do that, etc....this takes time to settle down as well.  




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