Hot Flashes and Sudden Bouts of Rapid Breathing

I've had my PM for about a month now.  Honestly, I can't say it's been for the better.  I thought I was getting better and then all of a sudden (the 1st day I went back to work) I went downhill again feeling just like I did before the PM.

I am still short of breath and just recently started having hot flashes.  I felt like my heart was racing so when I took my BP it was about 100 BPM!  Crazy because I'm a man in his late 50's - menopause? LOL

I went back to the doc last week and all checked out ok but I'm still uncomfortable.  Has anyone else had episodes like this?  Is this common?  I'm going to call the doc again but I am so frustrated and really tired of not feeling good.



by TJ319 - 2018-12-26 09:14:00

I had trouble on and off for over a year.  My original doc had me on a beta blocker which offered some relief, but only temporarily. Eventually I was diagnosed by another Electrophysioligst with Pacemaker mediated tachycardia.  He did an EP study and over the course of that, changed the programming of my Pacemaker.  This has solved the problem (for over 3 1/2 years). My reco is to continue to put pressure on your doc and not just try to gut it our.

Time for a second opinion

by Gotrhythm - 2018-12-28 15:28:33

I see by your profile that this is not the first time you have brought this issue to Pacemaker Club.

Although it's not unusual for it to take a while to feel better, the symptoms you are describing are unusual and they are unchanged from your last post. Apparently you're not getting better.

I truly believe that most doctors are doing their best for their patients, but when they encounter something rare, they don't know what to do. There's no point in going back to them because they are unlikely to know any more on the fourth or fifth visit than they did on the first two or three. If they say nothing is wrong, but you know something is wrong (and that's why you're writing Pacemaker Club) then you must listen to yourself.

It is possible that nothing is wrong with your pacemaker but you are having a rare reaction to being paced--which is what Pacemaker Mediated Tachycardia is. Or it might be something else. If you do have a rare condition it only makes sense to go to a major medical center where rare conditions are seen more often. You live in Florida and there should be several choices near you but travel if you have to. Don't try to go alone; find an advocate. 

I had symptoms similar to yours. I had PVC induced Pacemaker Mediated Tachycardia which is not just rare but very rare.  I'm pretty sure going to Duke saved my life, and being pushed by a powerful advocate is how I got to Duke.

Good luck.

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