6 second V-tachycardia episode of 195

I am posting for the 2nd time in a week asking for anyone to respond that may have experienced a situation like mine.

My pacemaker check on November 10 showed a 6 second v-tachycardia episode of 195 bpm. I was informed of this episode 2 days after I was told by my pacemaker tech that my 1 year check look great!

After several phone calls from the cardiologist office with conflicting orders test orders, I have just been informed that my nuclear stress test will included the medicine used to speed up and stress your heart. 

I believe I had this kind of stress test done in 2012 with a positive result that lead to a catherization that showed no blockages.

Information read on the internet tells you that the meds used to stress and speed up your heart during this test causes chest pain, shortness of breath and dizziness. 

Would anyone be willing to share their experiences with me?



Stress test

by islandgirl - 2018-12-28 17:32:37

Doesn't last long, controlled, may cause lightheadedness.  Physician is present during test.  

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