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Thanks for the feedback. I feel better now. I have only had my pacemaker for a month so still new at this 


aint no thing

by dwelch - 2019-01-02 04:40:46

It is what the site is for.   We all go through it, we all ask the same questions,  perfectly normal.

Anxiety, is very much a part of the transition, and it has a direct affect on your heart rate, which makes you even more anxious, is something going on with my pacer, is that normal, do I need to go to the ER, that would suck if I cant do this anymore with a pacemaker.  The physical recovery is measured in days to weeks.  The mental is more like months, with episodes here and there after that.  Everything is so much better now from the tech to the docs knowledge, just call them.  If the doc or practice isnt satisfying you with answers, find a new doc/practice, one that can answer your questions.

If they have bumped your lower limit above what your resting rate used to be, learning to sleep again is another trick, and being tired doesnt help

You will transition through this and, really, will forget you have the thing until its appointment time, or bump it on something, etc...Hopefuly you have at least one thumb, maybe two, but you dont think about that I assume, dont dwell about it, until you bang it with a hammer or cut it on something, get a splinter.  Same deal with the pacer, it is like a thumb or a belly button, it becomes just another body part that you never think about.  Really...



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