pacemaker irregularity

In the first two weeks the pacemaker worked fine.  This morning my heart rate shot up to 90 (it was set at 55) and since then  it has fluctuated between 80 and 55.  Is this an emergency or can I wait until I see the cardiologist tomorrow?y 


Don't worry ...

by IAN MC - 2019-01-01 16:20:00

It is definitely not an emergency.   Your pacemaker will only prevent your HR from falling BELOW the 55bpm setting ; it can't stop your HR from increasing.

Normal exercise e.g. walking upstairs could raise it to 80 , as could stress, ...  and 80 bpm is not a particularly high number . Many people have resting heart-rates permanently around 80 and above.

Why are you measuring your heart-rate anyway, it's how you feel that matters  ?

Mention it to your cardiologist tomorrow and he will be able to tell if some sort of arrythmia is causing your mild HR fluctuations ... but you don't need lose sleep over it.


pacemaker irregularity

by cinefan - 2019-01-01 16:48:03

Thanks, Ian.  There have been complications from day one, but I'm hoping everything is OK.

Joe (cinefan)

upper and lower limits

by dwelch - 2019-01-02 04:10:33

Next time you are there ask what your upper and lower limits are, the upper is likely over 100, 125, 150 those kinds of numbers.  You know your lower.  The pacer among possible other jobs based on your condition will keep you between those limits.  You want it to go up as you get up and do things, if your heart was locked at one rate you would defnitely feel it, out of breath, having to stop a lot to recovery, elevators not stairs, etc...

Even better you should as for a copy or your copy of the printout every visit.  On that printout among other things are your upper and lower limit.  


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