Medtronic advisa a3dro1

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Just had my sorin pacer changed the dr decided to go with a medtronic advisa a3dro1. My leads were fine so werent changed they are medteonic leads. My question is this. I am 38 and active. Its been 3 weeks since my change and i have been cleared to do more than just walking today was day 1 on the treadmill i got up to 2.5mph not fast at all and my heart rate automatically jumpped to 180 which is my upper setting. So i walked for a bit and stayed there for the entire time. I stopped and went back down to 60 started again and rigjt back up too 180. I decided to monotor more than i ahve been and with any extended walking i go up to max with very little effort.

Now if o remember correctly rate resonse pacers adjust to movement and breathing so will this "learn" as i become more active or do i have an abnormally sensitive pacer.

This is my first change and i feel like i had a similar phase when i got my origional in but 9 years ago and very ill bavk then.

Would love feedback

Keep fighting all!!!!



Rate Response

by IAN MC - 2019-01-03 06:15:11

Hi Chris    It certainly sounds as though you have Rate Response switched on to get your heart-rate up when you exercise. It also sounds as though you need an alteration to the RR settings which is an easy fix.

You have changed from Sorin to Medtronic . Some Sorin PMs have Rate Response dual sensors i.e. they detect movement/vibration AND changes in breathing whereas the Medtronic Advisa ONLY detects movement /vibration.

Assuming that 180 is your maximum sensor-rate setting  it will put in extra heart-beats up to 180 and then no higher.   The level of exercise needed to trigger off the RR sensor can be changed i.e. so that it responds to mild / more active or vigorous movement. Perhaps yours is on too sensitive a setting ?

In addition to this it can be adjusted to change the time it takes to get to 180.  It certainly sounds as though , in your case, this is also a setting which needs looking at, 

They can also change the rate at which your HR will return to normal.

Just to confuse things there is also a maximum tracking rate but this is nothing to do with rate response.. it is a safety measure to prevent your ventricles from keeping up if you should ever go into atrial tachycardia.

I have a Medtronic Advisa myself and have had many alterations to the RR settings. You will get there eventually !

Best of luck



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